About 3uloom

3uloom is a mobile app designed to raise learning efficiency under the rapid changes in current educational systems. 3uloom idea came from the need of millions on students to get supported by specialized, highly qualified teachers and tutors; In light of the transition of most educational institutions to offer courses and scientific materials online, reducing direct contact between students and teachers from one side, and students and each other on the other side.

We believe in 3uloom in the major advantages offered by technology in today’s world of education and academic research. We also believe in individual differences between each student and another, and that the students need for additional and customized explanations is not a luxury, but rather a necessity to make the most of the educational system.

3uloom provides this opportunity for students through providing access to tutors who specialize in various academic subjects, with a high degree of academic and professional competence with ease. We select tutors according to two basic conditions:

  • Academic qualifications: We guarantee that every tutor holds at least a bachelor’s degree in the specialized subject.
  • Practical experience: All tutors in 3uloom have practical experience in teaching courses, and most of them already works in schools or universities.

How 3uloom works?

3uloom is the bridge between you and the tutor you need, whether for a lesson explanation, an emergency review, or for completing an academic course according to fixed dates. You can use 3uloom mobile application as follows:

  • Choosing the study subjects in which you would like to receive assistance, whether at the basic or university level.
  • Choosing between a group of tutors specialized in each subject according to academic qualification, years of experience, and evaluations of other students.
  • Communicate with the tutor through 3uloom mobile app to ensure that he is able to explain specific academic or specialized topics before booking an appointment.
  • After obtaining the class, you can evaluate the tutor to determine how satisfied you are with his teaching abilities, and set fixed dates or choose another tutor.